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Designed to be consumer friendly, the magazine is easy to use and welcomed in homes. The magazine is family oriented and kid friendly with many money saving coupons and information in the form of upscale display advertising. It is designed to inform the reader your business is their “best choice”

The business advantages of participation include:

  • You do not have to buy big to be noticed. Big or small it goes to the same families.

  • Free to consumers via Direct Mail (one copy per family each mailing).
    Getting a magazine in the mail of consumers most often gets your offer and/or message into the recipient’s home, increasing the likelihood of a positive action.

  • One magazine per family four times per year.
    You can present your best offer, invitation, gift certificate or information. Abusers won’t come again and again taking advantage of your discounts. Customers return to businesses time after time at regular price where they receive value and good treatment.

  • Build your business with New Customers.
    This accepted format allows even one sixth page presentations with one big bold offer (or your impactful message) to jump off the page into the minds of consumers. When it’s worth their while, our history proves they respond. Over the life of one New Customer you can cover your investment in $mart $hopper™ Magazine.

  • So much value inside the magazine! Too much to be discarded by most.
    The great local coupons make $mart $hopper™ Magazine too valuable to toss, thus you get multiple exposure every time the reader chooses goods or services

  • Shelf life is 8 to 12 weeks.
    The package is the secret. The food coupons are the primary reason the magazine remains in the home. Everyone is not ready, willing or able to buy your goods or services when they see your advertisement. Long shelf life gives you the opportunity when they are ready.

  • Delivery to higher income households.
    Contrary to popular thinking coupons are most used by affluent and educated families.

For more examples how $mart $hopper™ Magazine can work for you,
contact us today!


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