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Make prospects an offer they won't refuse!

A big concern these days is “Return on Investment” (ROI). ROI really does matter, with the rising costs of your business, every dollar spent should benefit your business and generate a positive ROI.

$mart $hopper™ Magazine is working harder than ever to make your dollar get its full value and then some. $mart $hopper™ Magazine’s objective is to meet your ROI expectations, help balance your budget and provide a genuine advertising value.

Producing a direct mail piece with the consumer in mind is the reason $mart $hopper™ Magazines work so well. This is done by offering space to small and mid-sized businesses consumers use every day. By designing coupons that work and packaging them in a copyrighted format, new customers result to generate a positive ROI for advertisers.

For business it’s all about new customers… for consumers, it’s all about a reason to purchase goods and/or services from businesses found in local $mart $hopper™ Magazines. For both businesses and consumers it’s a family magazine filled with savings and information.

Since 1999, the principle shareholder, Don Cameron, has been publishing full color direct mail magazines chocked full of both image advertising (branding & name recognition ads) along with measurable advertising in the form of coupons. In that time, Don has grown the business to cover SW OKC/West Moore/South Moore, West Norman & Yukon/Mustang areas with savings for consumers and advertisers. Since then the business has grown and evolved to keep up with clients’ requirement for new customers.

Moved into the area at the age of two, Don started his business, in 1999 with one thought in mind; align himself with the most reliable printer available and have Zealous Media, Inc. retained as his exclusive graphics firm. By accomplishing these two goals advertisers are assured value, high quality and the most reliable distribution available, the United States Postal Service.


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